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Here We Are...
star, friends

This is a poem I wrote about a friend of mine after a very long and emotional conversation one night. It's been a couple months since I've seen this person, and a couple weeks since speaking with them. Unfortunately it seems we're growing apart. I just thought this would be an interesting intro to my LiveJournal experience. Hope you like it....

It hasn’t been that long

Maybe a year or two

And despite our strange beginning

Here we are, me and you.


Two similar souls

Sitting in the park

I’m trying to hide my face

Thank God it’s gotten dark


You ask too many questions

You poke and you prod

But no matter how hard I try to speak

All I do is hum and nod


When we talk so much gets said

Except all that’s left inside my head

I want to tell. I want you to see

Just how much you mean to me


But we’re only friends

If you want nothing more

That’s all it will be

Just another closed door

Strangely, it’s fine

I’m happy either way

And as long as we stay close

I know I’ll be okay


So please don’t fret

I’ll be just fine

Don’t feel bad

If your feelings don’t match mine


I understand,

Really I do.

As long as you’re still my friend

I know I’ll pull through.


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Oh, I really liked that. Consider my heart strings tugged. ::hugs::

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