Love and Vengeance (Chapter 2)
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Here's the second chapter of the story I'm working on. I was going to post it sooner, but my internet hasn't been working very well lately. Anyway here you go! Let me know what you think! I'll be posting the 3rd chapter once it's complete. Not sure when that will be, but here ya go!

Chapter Two--Andrew

I put on one of my many ratty old sweatshirts and some torn jeans and headed downstairs. I hustled toward the back door without pausing to talk, afraid I may witness something that would scar me for life. “I’m gonna take Maddy for a ride.” I hollered over my shoulder without waiting for a response. I grabbed my jacket from the hook next to the door and latched the screen door behind me. Maddy was waiting eagerly by the gate, where I had left her earlier. “Let’s go girl.” I grabbed her saddle from the nearby shed and jumped on. Before I could even remember how to ride, we were off. It was just like riding a bike. We were completely in sync. It was as if I’d never left her. The light in the trees had gotten smaller but it was still there. I steered Maddy toward the nearest trail and started to look.

The moment we entered the woods, I was suddenly blinded by a bright light that couldn’t have been more than ten yards away from me. I shielded my eyes with my arm but before I could even tell where the light was coming from, it was gone. It just disappeared. I hopped down from Maddy’s back and my feet hit soft ground. The sun was still high enough that I could see in front of me, but not enough that I could find the source of the light. “Hello?” No answer. “Is somebody there?” Not a word. Not even a rustle. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I ventured out into the woods. I tied Maddy to a nearby tree and weaved my way through the forest.

After at least twenty minutes of wandering aimlessly, I grabbed Maddy and decided to find a place a little more well-known. It wasn’t hard to find. My memory was exactly right. A snake of a creek wound its way through the trees. Wildflowers sitting near the water were lightly accented by the setting sun’s oranges and reds. I remembered the last time I was here. It was about the same time of year. Mom and I were in our swimsuits and dad was sitting on the ledge with a camera at the ready. Ah, the good old days.

I walked Maddy down to the water’s edge and slipped off my sandals. The water was still cold from the spring time but just warm enough to dangle my toes in. Man, this took me back. This was the only place I’d ever been able to take off my shoes outside without fear of them being picked up by some bum passing by. It was nice, but I still missed the city. The sound of car horns was replaced by the sound of crickets. Sky scrapers became thirty foot evergreens. And that stream of sludge that flows toward street drains was now a cool clear river running over my toes. I sighed at the thought of home. Maybe this year wouldn’t be as easy as I thought.

My mind began to wander. I thought about everything. My parents. My friends. My home. A year away from it all would be tough. No afternoon walks in Central Park , no nights in the theater. Ah, the theater. Mom had always insisted I be raised knowing the greatness that is Broadway. We went to a show once a month at the very least. By the age of six I knew the soundtracks to Oklahoma, My Fair Lady and The Wizard of Oz word for word, note for note. As I reminisced a favorite song started to play in my head. “Somewhere over the rainbow,” I couldn’t help but sing to myself. This place brought back all the right memories. I was at peace here. “way up high, there’s a land that I heard of…”

“Once in a lullaby.” The voice was quiet, but not inaudible.

I nearly fell into the water. “What the…?!”

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you.” The voice came from behind a tree on the bank across from me. I quickly jumped from the stream and pulled on my shoes.

I was about to run but something stopped me. A tall dark shadow emerged from behind the trees. I think what made me stop was its amazing grace. It reached for an overhanging branch, and with effortless ease, swung over the water to land just a few feet from me. “I’m so sorry if I scared you. My name is Andrew. Andrew Wickham.” To be honest, I didn’t even catch the last name. I was too astounded by this creature now standing in front of me. He stood just below Maddy in height and as he stepped into the light his eyes glistened. The most pure blue I’d ever seen in my life. It was as if the color of the ocean combined with blue of the berries that grew in the bushes nearby. “I live just over the hill there.”

“I’m…um.” Now I’m not normally one to babble, but I must have sounded an idiot. I didn’t know what to say. My mind was screaming Elizabeth!!! while my mouth just formed random vowel sounds. “I’m Liz,” I finally blurted out. Erg. I hated being called Liz. “I mean Lizi! Lizi Carter. I’m Lizi Carter.” I stammered in recovery.

“Well Lizi Carter,” He said extending his hand graciously. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He took my hand and shook it very gently.

“Uh…you too” He didn’t break eye contact the entire time. And I couldn’t seem to either. He was absolutely gorgeous. He had a ruggedness to him but his features were somewhat delicate. He wore a pair of faded jeans and a plain black t-shirt. So simple and yet so refined, he seemed to be looking me over as well. Oh, god. What could he be thinking right now? I did a one-over on my appearance. Ew. Too-tight jeans, a shirt twice my size and airplane hair. Not good. I must have looked like some kind of hobo. I decided to wave his attention from my appearance. “Well I live just over there, with my grandmother.” I gestured so he would look away from me.

Yet, he seemed intrigued by this. “Oh! You’re Ms. Brice’s granddaughter.” A somewhat malicious smile came across his face.

“How did you know that?”

“I run errands for her from time to time.” His huge sparkling smile almost made my knees go out. “She’s told me everything about you.”

“Oh God, I hope not everything.” I allowed myself to chuckle.

“Only the good things.” He laughed too. “You have a lovely smile.”

Without wasting a blink my cheeks flushed with a bright red that appeared there often. “Oh, uh thanks.” Damn these stupid European genes. The slightest compliment and my entire face is the color of an overly ripened tomato. As my color deepened, Andrew grinned and ran his fingers through his light brown hair. God, he was just so, for lack of a better word, pretty. As if he’d been put on this earth just so women could simply look at him. He was certainly doing his job well.

Before I knew it, we were both seated at the riverside and I was actually talking to him, which was an amazing feat. The only conversation I’d ever had with a guy before had something to do with me punching his nose for making fun of a friend of mine.

“So, you’re from New York ?” He seemed interested by my hometown.

“Yep. Born and raised. But what about you? Your accent sounds more like you’re from Liverpool .” My grandfather had been from there as well and had that thick accent until the day he died.

“Very good Lizi Carter. You have a keen ear.” He grinned but quickly switched to a more melancholy look. “My family has lived here for years, but I moved to Liverpool with my fiancé a few years ago. I guess the accent kind of stuck.”

“Oh.” I must admit, I was disappointed. “What’s your fiancé like?”

He hesitated. “Well…she died actually, a month before the wedding.”

“Oh my, God.” The look in his eyes was one of utter pain and almost a hint of regret. “I’m sorry. Do you mind if I ask what happened?”

A tear rolled down his pale cheek. “She was murdered.” My jaw practically hit the ground. “Yeah. They still haven’t arrested the killer.” He realized the tear and quickly wiped it away. “I’m sorry.” He corrected his posture and practically jumped up so he was now towering over me. “It’s getting late. You’re grandmother will be worried.”

I glanced at my watch. It was almost 10:30. She was going to be pissed. “Shit.” I whispered. “Nana’s gonna kill me.”

“Sorry to have kept you out so late.” He almost smiled. But I could tell he didn’t want to. Something held him back. “I trust you can get back home alright.”

“Of course.” I was almost upset that he had noticed how late it was. I could have talked to him for hours.

“Well, Lizi Carter.” He took my hand once again. “It’s been a pleasure.” He kissed my hand, and I almost fainted…again.

“You too.” That’s all I could muster, and it didn’t even make sense. I’m going to have to work on that for next time. But then again, maybe it was wishful thinking. Was there going to be a next time? God, I hoped so. I really hoped so.

Without another word, he finally smiled and turned back the way he had come, through the trees. So mysterious, and gorgeous, and sweet, and kind, and did I mention gorgeous? Suddenly my phone started buzzing. Oh no. It was her. “Hi Nana. Sorry it’s so late.”

“Where are you?! I’ve called you four times!” She had her panic voice. That’s never good.

“I’m out in the woods with Maddy. I lost track of time. I’m really sorry.”

“Just get home. We’ll talk when you get back.” Click. She was pissed. Damn.

I quickly jumped onto Maddy’s back and I rushed her home as fast as I could. All the way home I kept thinking of what had just happened. A complete stranger had told me something so very personal. What was it that made him trust me that much? Maybe it was something everyone already knew. Whatever it was, he didn’t seem to be telling me everything. But that didn’t bother me. It just meant he had more to tell, which meant possibly seeing him again. Upon thinking this, I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. I looked up to see the lights of home coming into view. There would be hell to pay upon my arrival. But I was ready, or so I thought.

I tied Maddy up and brought her saddle back to the shed. After I latched the door, I rushed inside to find Nana sitting at the kitchen table with Patrick holding her hand. “Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” Maybe she’d behave with someone else here. “Where the hell were you?!” Maybe not. This was bad. Nana never swore.

I started to explain, “I’m sorry. I…” but I was cut off.

“Hello, Ms. Brice.” As if he’d never left my sight, Andrew Wickham stood to my left addressing my grandmother. “I’m terribly sorry I kept Elizabeth out so late.” I thought Nana was going to choke on her own surprise. It was great!

“Oh…uh…Andrew.” She stammered. “I didn’t realize you…”

He continued as if she hadn’t almost had a stroke upon seeing him. “You see, I ran into her when I was out for a walk. We got to talking and just lost track of time.” Nana glanced in my direction and red flooded my face yet again. “I thought if I explained it to you, you wouldn’t feel inclined to punish her.” He smiled and I about passed out. His teeth had a certain shine about them. Breathtaking. Nana blushed this time too.

“Well of course I understand Andrew.” She shot me a grin. “Will you be staying long?”

“Oh I’m sorry, no. I just wanted to be sure Elizabeth got home okay. It was good to see you.” He started for the door shooting Nana one last quick smile. Dang, he’s good. Nana shot me a pointed look that seemed to scream Follow him!!! I quickly turned and did as she wished.

I exited the house but I couldn’t see him. “Well, that was a close one.” I turned and he was leaning against Maddy’s fence.

I nearly leapt toward him. “Oh, God. Thank you so much! You have no idea what a life saver you are.”

“It was nothing.” He grinned. “Consider it a ‘welcome’ gift. I had a feeling you would need some help, and truth be told, you’re grandmother loves me.”

“For good reason.” I whispered below my breath. “Well, I guess I owe you one.”

“If you wish. But I really must be going now. My family will wonder where I am.” He smiled one last smile as he plucked a lily from the side of the fence. “Until we meet again Lizi Carter.” I took the flower, and with that he was gone. He leapt over the fence and rushed off into the darkness.

I twirled the flower with my fingers as I tried to watch him cross the field. But he was gone. Wow, amazing. It was my first day here and I was already missing home less and less. If he was going to be around more often, a year just may not be long enough to stay.

Love and Vengeance (Chapter 1)
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This is a story I've been working on for a little while. I started writing it while I was in my Twilight phase, so it was going to turn into something with vampires. But for now I'm not going to make that decision just yet. Anyway here's the first chapter. Let me know what you think!!

Chapter One-- England

The rain came down in sheets as I stepped out of the airport. London was nothing like I remembered. Then again, the last time I’d been here I was ten. All I could remember was watching Nana bake cookies while the horses whinnied outside the window on a farm just outside the big city.

But this time was different. This time I was eighteen and here for an entire year. That’s what I get for wanting to take a year off before going to school, and Nana insisted I spend it here with her. All I wanted to do was sit on the porch and read my year away. But this was the place where I learned how to tie my shoes, ride a horse and speak Cockney, and according to my overly stubborn grandmother, I would be reminded of every minute of it. ‘We’ll make a Brit out of ya yet,’ she had told me. You see, my grandma never approved of the fact that my parents had decided to raise me in the States.

My mom moved to New York when she was in her second year at Oxford to study abroad at NYU. This was where she met my dad. He was a wanna-be mystery writer fresh out of high school, and she, a Psychology major hoping to open her own firm one day. They both happened into the same corner bookstore one day and bam, instant connection. The result of this meeting now stood in a dripping terminal at London International Airport .

Elizabeth Marion Carter. It even sounded English. Nana insisted I have my middle name after her. While I got her name, I inherited my looks from my dad, much to her dismay. She was never Dad’s number one fan, with his funny accent, messy blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and a few tattoos. He was not best for my mom, at least in Nana’s opinion. And much to her surprise, his daughter was the spitting image. Shoulder length frizzy blonde hair, hazel eyes that changed with the sun, and smooth white skin that made me look almost transparent in the right kind of weather. And that wasn’t all I got from my dad; the love of a good book, an honesty that wasn’t always welcome, and a mean right hook. That was the part Nana never approved of.

As the rain continued to pour down from the grey-ish blue sky, I heard a loud squeal come from about ten feet away. “Lizi!” Before I could respond there were two arms throwing themselves around me as I was lifted a few inches into the air. Oh, Nana. “Welcome home, ducky!” She yelled over the loud drone of the thunder overhead. She wasn’t exactly your stereotypical grandmother. She had my mother at a fairly young age and my mom unexpectedly continued that tradition. So at the ripe old age of 55, she was one of the youngest grandmas ever. She held me in a tight grip and heaved one of my larger duffel bags over her shoulder. “I want to hear all about your flight.”

“Long.” I replied warily.

“Well then rest now, talk later.” She said climbing into her tiny, little compact. I slid into the passenger seat, on the wrong side of the car. With that we pulled away from the airport and headed out to the glorious English countryside.

The entire way to Nana’s I drifted in and out of consciousness, listening to her jabber on about how things have been around town and mentioning people I supposedly met my last time here. But I didn’t really remember.

After about twenty minutes I opened my eyes to see the sun setting over the hills that filled the background of Nana’s little farmhouse. The only word that could be used to describe this place was “picturesque”. It was perfect. The sky was filled with a mix of at least a dozen different colors. All those oranges and pinks reminded me of the Thomas Kinkade paintings that were all over our condo in New York . The rolling hills were straight out of a scenic novel and there at the end of the driveway stood the one thing I loved most about this place, Maddy.

The goldenrod mare stood there as if she knew I was coming. All of my best memories of this place consisted of afternoons riding Maddy through the trees, swimming through the river while Nana prepared a picnic on the bank. We would sit together watching the sun set to the scent of lilacs and wild lilies.

The sight of this scenic environment I hadn’t seen in almost a decade made me bubble over with excitement. The second the car was put into park, I bolted out the passenger door and ran to the fence. Maddy trotted in my direction and began to nuzzle my ear with her fuzzy, wet nose.

“I told her you were coming.” Nana laughed as I almost toppled over from Maddy pushing on my shoulder. I let out a giggle as I ripped some tall grass from the ground to feed to her.

After my quick glance down memory lane, I got my bags from the car, hustled inside and began the long, grueling ritual of unpacking.

* * * * *

By the time I was done, my room was strewn with clothes. I don’t know why I ever thought I could be organized. Oh well. The smell of spaghetti and meatballs soon made it’s way up the stairs and into my nose. Yes! Nana was making my favorite. I knew she would. I bounded down the stairs and in my anticipation I practically ran into the strange new addition to the house.

As I recovered from nearly colliding with this huge being that stood in front of me, I took a moment to see who it was. This big burly man almost filled the entire doorway. He carried a large paper sack filled with groceries and didn’t even seem to notice that I had practically rammed into him. He had a curly grey beard and wispy hair that matched. When he turned to see what the ruckus was, he greeted me with a huge smile.

“My God!” He said with more surprise in his tone that one would expect. “You must be Elizabeth !” He stuck out his free hand and gave mine a firm shake.

Before I could say anything, Nana walked into the room as if on cue. “Patrick! You’re here early! I haven’t told her yet.” I stood there almost gaping at the man that gazed at Nana as if she was a goddess or something. “This is my Lizi.” She continued. “Well, of course you knew that.”

“Hi.” I muttered awkwardly. Was this Nana’s new squeeze? I often heard my mom talk about Nana’s popularity with the local men, but I guess I never wanted to believe it. It was just too weird.

“It’s nice to finally meet you.” Patrick flashed a huge toothy smile. “ Marion’s told me all about you. I’ve been so anxious to meet this amazing granddaughter I’ve heard so much about.”

“Thanks.” I put in, trying not to look too embarrassed. “It’s nice to meet you too.” Nana was beaming. I knew she’d been praying that I would like her new boy toy, and he seemed pretty cool to me. I just wasn’t sure how I could handle my Nana having a…boyfriend. The word didn’t seem to fit though. Patrick was anything but a boy. Man friend? Nah, that didn’t work either. But, whatever he was, he seemed alright.

Patrick stayed for dinner of course, and after we were done I went upstairs to call my parents while the grown-ups chatted. I’d rather not be part of that lovers’ good-bye. Once in my room, I took out my cell phone and dialed the most commonly used number.

“Liz?” I recognized that rugged voice immediately.

“Hey Dad!” I answered with a smile. “I made it here alive after all.”

I heard a chuckle on the other end. “How they treatin’ ya across the pond?”

“Pretty good so far. I met Nana’s new beau today.” Beau, yeah that seemed right.

“Oh boy.” I heard another laugh. “That old woman goes through more men than a calendar shoot…ow!” I heard my mom laugh in the background. Knowing her, I assumed she whacked him over the head with one of her crime novels. I laughed along with her and continued to fill the both of them in on my flight.

Somewhere between mentioning the take-off and in-flight movie it had gotten dark outside. Once I said my good-byes and hung up the phone I noticed something I hadn’t before. There was a small light coming from somewhere in the trees. It was moving around very radically, like a flashlight. I figured now was as good a time as ever to take Maddy for a ride and do a little investigating.

Here We Are...
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This is a poem I wrote about a friend of mine after a very long and emotional conversation one night. It's been a couple months since I've seen this person, and a couple weeks since speaking with them. Unfortunately it seems we're growing apart. I just thought this would be an interesting intro to my LiveJournal experience. Hope you like it....

It hasn’t been that long

Maybe a year or two

And despite our strange beginning

Here we are, me and you.


Two similar souls

Sitting in the park

I’m trying to hide my face

Thank God it’s gotten dark


You ask too many questions

You poke and you prod

But no matter how hard I try to speak

All I do is hum and nod


When we talk so much gets said

Except all that’s left inside my head

I want to tell. I want you to see

Just how much you mean to me


But we’re only friends

If you want nothing more

That’s all it will be

Just another closed door

Strangely, it’s fine

I’m happy either way

And as long as we stay close

I know I’ll be okay


So please don’t fret

I’ll be just fine

Don’t feel bad

If your feelings don’t match mine


I understand,

Really I do.

As long as you’re still my friend

I know I’ll pull through.



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